3-Steps to Jumpstart Your Morning

Okay, so you’ve rolled out of bed, and you’ve only got enough time to shower, get ready, eat, make coffee and gather yourself before the day ahead but what about your digestive track?

Running out of the house without starting the digestive process can lead to more significant issues than having to worry about ‘going’ when you’re outside of your element (i.e., Your home bathroom).

Neglecting the process in the short-term can cause discomfort and constipation, but the long-term effects can be far worse than having to use a public restroom. For many, including myself, a lack of morning routine can cause easy weight gain and a weak immune system.

So, how do we stay consistent and give our digestive track the love they need so it’ll love us back?

Here’s my 3-step routine to get my body and digestive track moving:

DON’T hit snooze

I know what you’re thinking – “don’t make me get up any earlier” BUT stretching is the perfect way to wake up without having to wake up right away fully. It’s kind of like hitting snooze without that OMG I OVERSLEPT AND NOW I’M LATE feeling.

I usually spend 20 minutes performing different stretches that focus on major muscle groups including hamstrings, glutes, quads, back and neck muscles.

You can follow along with this video:

Drink Your ~Lemon~ Water:

So after you’ve rolled around for at least 10 minutes and feel ready to move, it’s okay if you don’t. Some mornings I want to lay there all day LOL! But gently start to move from that comfy spot and get yourself some warm lemon water. This process is considered a form of detox for your gut, flushing our system of waste and providing a boost of vitamin C and minerals. Make sure this is the first thing (Other than water) that hits your system in the morning.

Brew it up

Coffee, my first love, is always a vital morning routine for me. The smell and sound make me happy and helps with jump-starting the process in case my body isn’t ready to make any moves…

If you find sensitivity to coffee, Matcha is a great alternative and can help jump-start your metabolism. You can find the powder on Amazon or Whole Foods. My local grocery stores carry it, but it can be expensive!

I’ll typically have an Almond Milk Matcha Latte with Stevia drops (Found at Trader Joes) or just with hot water and stevia.Make sure you’ve taken your probiotics as well for optimum gut health, and you’re on your way out the door!

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